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Kapiolani Community College のMassage Therapy Programより。

Medications – Introduction

 General characteristics of medication. All processed by the liver. Targets specific sites on cells or stimulates hormones that target specific cells. Most flow through the body through the blood system.

 Medications taken orally are digested. Broken down chemically then absorbed. Oral medications need to be precursors to the medication needed or in a large amount so some of it gets through digestion into the blood or in a protected form so the actual medication can enter into the bloodstream.

 Intravenous(静脈内), transdermal(損傷のない皮膚を介して吸収される), sublingual(舌下) medications don’t need to be concerned with digestion. Correct doses can be more readily controlled. Usually used for the more powerful medications. Affects a natural process of the body systems. Slows down, speeds up, inhibits, excites.

Not all processes react the same way to the medication. All people can react differently to the medication. Known as side effects. Sometimes the side effects is more lucrative than what the medication was intended to treat. Drug companies are large corporations. They need to follow the money.

 Viagra originally a heart medication to treat hypertension and angina pectoris, 1992. Marketed to treat erectile dysfunction in 1998 and it has taken off, one of the highest money grossing prescription drug ever produced.




 Lyrica originally was to treat epilepsy in 2005, slow sales due to small market. FDA approval to treat fibomyalgia in 2007, sales took off.

Medications - Opiods

オピオイド / Painkiller Sales, deaths, treatment admissions.

オピオイド (Opioid) とは、ケシから採取されるアルカロイドや、そこから合成された化合物、また体内に存在する内因性の化合物を指し、鎮痛陶酔作用があり、また薬剤の高用量の摂取では昏睡、呼吸抑制を引き起こす[1]。医療においては手術や、がんの疼痛の管理のような強い痛みの管理に不可欠となっている。このようなアルカロイド(オピエート)やその半合成化合物には、モルヒネヘロインコデインオキシコドンなどが含まれ、また合成オピオイドにはフェンタニルメサドンペチジンなどがある[1]。これらは本来的な意味で麻薬(narcotic)である[1]


 Antibiotics= Anti(against) –biotics(life)

Used primarily on bacterial infections

Penicillin, Amoxicillin, Erythromyocin, Zithromax.

 Analgesics = pain relievers

Aspirin, Acetaminophen – Tylenol, Narcotic Deverol, Oxycontin, Vicoden.

Morphine = used as last resort for pain that cannot be relieved by other means.

 Narcotic(麻(酔)薬,催眠剤), Tramadol(オピオイド系の鎮痛剤の1つ), Nerve pain reduction, Gabafentin(抗てんかん薬)


NSAIDS – non steroid anti-inflammatory drugs. Ibuprofen- Motrin, Advil. Indocin, Aleve, Celebrex, Steroids.


Bacitracin, erythromycin, Antifungal, Fungizone, Loprox.

 Antihistamines – block the effects of histamines

Zyrtec, Benadryl, Allegra.

 Decongestants –reduces congestion (特に鼻の)充血緩和剤,鼻づまり薬

Afrin, Sudafed, Ephedrine. Bronchodilator-opens up bronchial tubes. Usually in the form of a spray/mister. Ventolin, albuterol.

 Antianginal –decrease or reduce chest pain. 抗狭心症薬

Nitrates. Nitroglycerin- most common. Dilates blood vessels, reduces blood pressure and increases blood flow to the heart.

 Anticoagulant – decrease clot formation

Coumadin, heparin. Most cautioned when massaging. Heavy pressure can cause bruising. Worst case scenarios - bleeding that won’t stop. Hypertension (high blood pressure). Hydralazine – dilates blood vessels. Beta-blockers-reduce force and rate of heart contractions. Lopressor, Inderal, Levatol.

Medications- MuscularSkeletal

 Osteoporosis. Fosamax, Actonel.

 Gout / Cholchicine, Zyloprim

Allopurinol – decreases uric acid production.

Uloric – increases uric acid removal/urine.

 Muscle relaxant –relaxes all muscles. Soma, Flexeril, Baclofin, Robaxin.

Medications - Neurological

 Psychiatric Drugs.

Sedatives – Relaxes and calms.

Valium. Hynotics – Induces sleep and staying asleep. Halcion, Ambien.

 Antianxiety – decrease worry or apprehension.

Librium, Valium, Ambient.

Antidepressants – inhibit chemicals that cause sadness.

Prozac(fluoxetine), Zoloft, Paxil.

 Antipsychotic– for psychotic disorders. 抗精神病薬

Primarily treating for schizophrenia. Thorazine, lithium.

 Andregenic- mimics SNS アドレナリン作用の

SNS = sympathetic nervous system 

Epinephrine, dopamine. Andregenic blocking- impedes SNS functions. Levatol, Aldomet.

Cholingeric blocking drugs- blocks some

PSNS functions. Atropine.

PSNS = parasympathetic nervous system

Medications - Gastrointestinal

 Antacids- neutralize acidity of stomach

Maalox, Mylanta, Rolaids.

 Gastric or duodenal ulcers. Nexium, Prilosec

Antibiotics. GERD.

Histamine H2 antagonists –reduces the secretion of gastric juices.

Tagmet, Pepcid, Zantac

 Diuretics – induces secretion of urine

Lasix, acetazolamides

 Urinary infection – treats infections of the bladder or urinary tract.

Trimethoprim, Septra.

 Corticosteroids – decrease immune system, reduce swelling.

Hydrocortisone, Aristocort

 Pain is universal. Causes are varied. Pain is recognized through the nervous system. Following is a description down to the chemical level.




Medications - Marijuana

 Medical marijuana is legal in some states. Recreational marijuana is legal in a few states. Illegal at the Federal level. Testing for marijuana detects THC. Problem with non-THC (ie CBD) is its unregulated so it may have some THC.

日本では、大麻草は大麻取締法が規制し、含有されるTHCは麻薬及び向精神薬取締法の規制により、医療目的であっても使用、輸入ならびに所持は禁止されている。 茎や樹脂から抽出したCBDは日本でも規制対象外なので健康食品として流通している。



などが挙げられる[55][注 6]




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