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Gastrointestinal/ Endocrine Systems

Your Body Your Health III

Kapiolani Community College / Massage Therapy Programより

 Malabsorption(吸収不良) and Intolerance (不耐性)Syndrome

 Doesn't recognize things to absorb, ie. Calcium, so doesn’ t get absorbed. GI system can no longer tolerate something you used to able to eat as a kid. Lactose intolerance is one. Common among Asians. Painful abdominal cramps. Gassy. Frequent visits to the toilet. Once the product is removed then everything is fine.

 Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) 過敏性腸症候群

Abdominal pains, diarrhea, gassy. Goes often to the bathroom. Lasts for a long time. Listening to bowel area, can hear gas & rumbling sounds passing through the intestines.

 Food is going through the system quickly so not getting nutrition. In severe cases they can be hospitalized for malnutrition & dehydration.



 Aspiration 誤嚥(ごえん)

Choking on thin fluids. Epiglottis not blocking the trachea when swallowing. Goes into the trachea, down the lungs. Causes pneumonia. Elderly with dementia. Not a normal aging process. People with neurological problems. Problems with choking without even knowing they are choking. Symptom- voice will sound wet and gurgly until it clears after they eat or drink. After they eat. May have low grade fever. May have a runny nose. Client stops eating because of the problem. Malnutrition. “ Silent Aspiration”  - lose the gagging function so they don’ t have a clue they are aspiring.



 Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) 胃食道逆流症

“ Acid reflux”. Lower esophageal sphincter (LES) is not closing properly. Constant burping. Burps up food and swallows it back down. Usually caused by a food trigger. Or bad acid production. Not normal to have this happen all the time. If burning of the throat occurs, it requires medication and attention. Final analysis is a scope with a barium tracer. Need to see how much the Lower Esophegeal Sphincter (LES) is closing.



 Obstructions 食道の閉塞

Tumors, hernia, intestines get tied up. Common among elderly in summer months. Don’ t drink enough water and get dehydrated. Ilius is the worst case scenario. Intestines are tied up. Usually happens after ceaserean or abdominal surgery. Abdominal massage can help move the obstruction. If obstruction can’ t be moved, need to have medical attention.

食道は狭くなったり、完全にふさがったりすることがあります。まれなケースの原因として遺伝性のもの(例えば、下部食道輪ー 下部食道輪)や食道ウェブ( 食道ウェブ)があります。ほとんどの場合、食道の損傷が進行するか腫瘍の増殖が原因で起こります。食べものや異物( 消化管の胃石と異物)も食道の閉塞を起こすことがあります。


 Constipation 便秘

3 days at most before intervention for adults, 10 days for children. Difficulty in passing stools. Dehydration. Lack of fluid intake. Lack of fiber. If there is an occlusion and the walls are thin it may burst. Treatment may include stool softeners, pepto-bismol, enemas, etc.pepto-bismol, enemas, etc. Massage is the best therapy. Holding breath and pushing may result in a heart attack or hemorrhoids. Valsalva maneuver –  putting in physical effort while holding breath can cause heart to stop. Upright weight bearing exercise will help them.



 Diverticulitis 大腸憩室症

Diverticular disease. Intestinal walls have sac like outpouches with blood vessels. Will have bleeding into the stool. May also have inflammation. Concern is that it may develop into polyps.



 Colon Cancer 大腸ガン

Neoplasm along the GI system. Common among Asians. Precursor is polyps in GI tract. 65+ tends to get polyps. Need a colonoscopy to see polyps. Polyps in 20-50 year olds are cancer suspect.

Treatment:  Surgery, Gastrointestinal- Sections, RadiationChemotherapy.




 Gastroenteritis 胃腸炎

 Gastritis - inflamed stomach. Enteritis –  irritated intestines (usually small intestines) Gastritis - Stomach is inflamed or irritated by infection or something eaten. Severe abdominal pain. Constant vomiting. Cannot hold down food or water. Feels like hunger pains. If throwing up yellow clear liquid it is severe. Fluid is digestive juices. Need to take small sips of water or liquid with electrolytes. Room temperature or warm. Ride it out for 24 hours.

 Enteritis 腸炎

Full blown irritation of the intestines. Diarrhea. Will continue going until only clear liquid is coming out. Concern is dehydration, need some electrolytes. Need to ride it out for 24 hours.

 Gastroenteritis 胃腸炎

Going from both ends at the same time. Usually caused by a viral or bacterial infection. Need to go on a BRAT diet. Banana, Rice, Apples, Toast. 2-3 days until normalized. Massage is contraindicated.

胃腸炎とは、胃や腹部の痛み、吐気、嘔吐、下痢等の症状が起こることを言います。 通常、胃腸炎の原因は細菌やウイルスによる感染することで起こりますが、毒性の化学物質や薬の摂取が原因となることもあります。 また、発熱することもあり、頭痛や倦怠感を伴うこともあります。 一過性のものが多く「急性胃腸炎」といいます。

 Peptic ulcer 消化性潰瘍

Hole in the gastrointestinal lining. Where the ulcer occurs in the gastrointestinal sytem determines the name. Gastric ulcer- stomach ulcer most common. Duodenal ulcer –  next most common.

 Helicobacker pyroli is usually the cause. Your body can no longer fight this bacteria. Normal digestion will usually flush it away. Stress reduces acid production and doesn’t kill off the bacteria quickly. Bacteria reproduces. Digests an area. Creates an ulcer. Symptoms are heartburn and burning pain. Usually after .  - 2 hours after eating. Relieved by anti-acids. Treatment by antibiotics and coating medication (anti-acid).




 Appendicitis 盲腸・虫垂炎

Inflammation of the appendix. No longer working. Bacteria causes swelling. It can burst. Pain in lower right quandrant. Nausea, fever, vomiting. Hot & inflamed in lower right quadrant. Sensitive to touch. If it ruptures it can be fatal. Infection in all abdominal spaces. Treated with 2 weeks of IV antibiotics.



 Gall bladder diseases C

Cholelithiasis 胆石

Gallstone stuck in bile duct. Bile, cholesterol and crystals form gallstones. If gall bladder is not working properly, gallstones are surgically removed. Upper right abdominal pain. Severe backache in upper thoracic. Pain similar to appendicitis. Pain in that area needs medical attention Massage won’ t make it worst.



 Cirrhosis 肝硬変

Decreased function of the liver. “Enlarged Liver”. “ Liver is dying”. Lose ability to digest medication, bile generation. Alcohol is the main cause for enlargement. Skin becomes yellow “ jaundice”. Eyes first. Nail beds next. Progressive, terminal unless gets a liver transplant.

肝硬変とは、B型・C型肝炎ウイルス感染、多量・長期の飲酒、過栄養、自己免疫などにより起こる慢性肝炎や肝障害が徐々に進行して肝臓が硬くなった状態をいいます。 慢性肝炎が起こると肝細胞が壊れ、壊れた部分を補うように線維質が蓄積して肝臓のなかに壁ができていきます。


 Pancreatitis 膵炎(スイエン)

Inflammation of the pancreas. Main cause in Hawaii is diabetes. Elsewhere the main cause is alcohol. 

Signs and symptoms like enteritis or IBS --> High blood pressure and fatigue --> High level of amylase in blood.

 Can’ t digest fat. Watch fat intake to avoid acute episodes. Usually hospitalized for 7-9 days. IV medication works well initially. If worsens, need to remove pancreas and become depend on drugs. Progressive, final stage is death. Massage may comfort, but doesn’t relieve pain. Abdominal massage will require a medical referral.





 Endocrine system pathology is usually

Hypersecretion, or too much 過分泌

Hyposecretion or too little 分泌不全

Homeostasis of body requires a balance between endocrine secretions. Pancreas pathologies. Controls insulin / glucose levels. Hyperfunction results in an insulin reaction. Body is flooded with insulin, glucose level drops. Hypoglycemia is the drop of sugar levels. Brain is deprived causing confusion and weakness. Hypofunction results in Diabetes Mellitus (糖尿病). Cells stop absorbing glucose. Excess glucose in the blood acts as a diuretic. First symptoms are dehydration, excessive thirst and urination. Body can’ t use glucose, it switches to fat for energy. Fat breakdown results in high level of ketones, raising the acidity of blood. Can result in a coma.

 Two types

Type I

More severe and happens at a younger age. Controlled by diet and daily insulin injections. Daily insulin injections require monitoring of glucose levels. Daily insulin can also be administered with a pump.

 Type II

In most cases happens in adults. Heredity and obesity are major contributing factors. Controlled by diet and oral medication. Weight loss is important first step.

 Complications from diabetes:

  • Arteriosclerosis
  • Infection
  • Kidney disease
  • Heart attacks
  • Eye problems
  • Nerve damage

Massage is very indicated but should be with medical supervision.

 Pituitary Gland pathologies 脳下垂体

Growth hormone. Hypersecretion can result in acromegaly or gigantism. Treatment is usually surgery or radiation to reduce GH production. Hyposecretion can result in dwarfism. Treatment in children with synthetic growth hormone.

  • Controls metabolism
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Expothalmos-bulging eyes 眼球突出
  • Enlarged thyroid 甲状腺肥大
  • Tachycardia 頻脈
  • Diarrhea 下痢
  • Excessive sweating
  • Hyperactivity

 Second most common after diabetes. Usually affects women. Grave’ s disease is a form of hyperthyroidism. Usually treated with medication. Can be treated with radiation, or surgery.

 Hypothyroidism 甲状腺機能低下症

Loss of hair, Normal or small thyroid, Brachycardia, Constipation, Cold intolerance, Muscle weakness, Edema of extremities.

 Usually caused by treatment for hyperthyroidism or Autoimmune dysfunction. Responds well to oral medication. Massage is indicated. Massage can be beneficial in helping the client manage the symptoms. Need to be cognizant of room temperature for clients with hypothyroidism.




 Hypofunction results in a disease known as Addison’ s disease. Signs include, Weight loss, Dehydration, Anorexia, Decreased tolerance  to cold.

 Massage helps control cortisol levels. Stress level management is a important part of therapeutic care.



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