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Kapiolani Community College のMassage Therapy Programより。


 Urinary problems. Dehydration. Not enough fluids. Could be neurological. May not get thirsty. Results in lack of fluid intake.

 Lack of fluid intake--> Increase in body temperature--> Dizzyness/ light headiness--> Intense headaches--> Heart beats faster--> Lack of skin turgor.

 Dehydration 脱水

Can also be caused by vomiting, diarrhea, Physical overexertion. Need to be hydrated before and after massage. Lack of hydration after a massage can result in flu-like symptoms from increased concentration of toxins in the blood. The darker color of urine indicates more toxins in the system.

 Kidney stones 肝内結石

Renal calculi. Actual stone of various minerals. Medication to break it down to pass it through. Lipotripsy to break up larger stones. Pain is constant. Location of the pain is very deep. Cannot relieve the pain no matter what you do. Need to have them seek medical attention.



 Incontinence 失禁

Urine leaks out. Both are the most common. Main cause is a weak bladder or sphincters.

4 types

1) Urge

2) Stress

 Feels like need to go and go now. Leaks a drop or two when laughing or coughing. Need to strengthen sphincter muscles. Best to exercise pelvic floor muscles to avoid medication.

3) Overflow: Not all of it comes out the first time.Weak detrusor muscle, not fixable

4) Functional activity: Lose total control. Common in dementia.

 Benign prostatic hypertrophy 良性前立腺肥大

Enlarged prostate. Males 45 years and older. Decrease in ratio of testosterone to estrogen. Compresses the urethra. Results in problems with urination. Treatment includes medication. Severe cases require catheterization or surgery.



 Cystitis 膀胱炎

Bladder infection. When bacteria is in the bladder itself. Feels like need to “ pee”  all the time. Burning sensation when urinating. When blood in present in the urine then the infection causing bleeding in the bladder.

膀胱炎膀胱が炎症をおこす病気で、菌による尿路感染症のひとつです。 大腸菌などの腸内細菌が膀胱に侵入して感染することがほとんどで、炎症により膀胱が刺激されることで、残尿感や頻尿、排尿時の痛みや下腹部痛が生じます。 また、尿が濁る、血尿が出るなどの症状が出やすくなります。


 Urinary Tract Infection / UTI / 尿道炎

Infection in the urethra. Can get both but not just bladder infection. Both are more common in women than men. Due to shorter urethra in women. #1 cause is stress. Allows natural flora to flourish. Intercourse is another leading cause. Clearing bladder before and after intercourse helps to prevent it. If not taken care of it can go up the ureter to the kidneys.

 Cranberry source can help to prevent infections. 500 mg per day. Helps keep the genitourinary system clean.






 Pyelonepheritis 腎盂腎炎

Inflammation & infection of the renal, pelvis, and connective tissue of the kidney. Infection can come from the bladder or from another site through the blood stream from another infected site. Usually pain in the abdominal, back and/or side on one side. Fever sometimes with chill and nausea. Treated with antibiotics. If untreated can lead to kidney failure.

腎盂腎炎とは、腎臓に細菌が感染する病気です。 図1のとおり、腎臓でつくられた尿は、腎盂(腎臓内の尿のたまるところ)、尿管を経て膀胱に溜められ、尿道から排出されます。 この尿の通り道である尿路は本来菌がいませんが、細菌が侵入し感染した場合を尿路感染症といいます。


 Glomerulonephritis 糸球体腎炎

Antigen-antibody reactions affecting the glomeruli. Most common cause is a streptococcal infection like tonsilitis, pharyngitis, etc. Mild cases treated with rest and salt restriction. Treated with antibiotics. Can also be caused by autoimmune reaction. Treated with immunosuppressant medications or steroids.

急性糸球体腎炎 急性上気道炎を中心とする感染(主にA群β溶連菌)の後に、10日前後の潜伏期間を経て血尿・蛋白尿、尿量減少、むくみ(浮腫)、高血圧で発症する一過性の急性腎炎症候群です。 小児~若年者に多い疾患ですが、成人にもみられます。


 Renal Failure 腎不全

Kidneys shut down and don’ t work. Can be temporary or permanent. Urine production is reduced. Blood doesn’t get cleansed. Permanent renal failure common in Hawaii. Due to prominence of diabetes. Excess electrolytes can cause problems with the heart, brain, etc. Can lead to multiple organ failures. Ultimately leads to death.

腎不全とは、腎臓が血液をろ過して老廃物を十分に除去することができなくなった状態です。 腎不全の原因としては、様々なものが考えられます。 機能が急激に低下する場合(急性障害、急性腎不全とも呼ばれます)もあれば、ゆっくりと低下していく場合(慢性腎臓病、慢性腎不全とも呼ばれます)もあります。


 Hemodialysis 血液透析

Artificial kidney –  blood cleansing machine. Need to have cleansing every other day. Depending on your weight how long you are on the machine. 3-4 hours per treatment.

 Diet consists of 1500ml of fluids per day. Reduced potassium intake. Regional contraindication for massage. Upper extremity where the fistula is located. Fistula (瘻・ろう) is the tube under the skin where the dialysis machine connects.

瘻孔 深部臓器が体外や他の臓器と交通している状態。 体表とつながったものを外、内部器官または腔相互がつながったものを内という。 フィステルのこと。


Lymphatic System

 Lymphedema リンパ浮腫

Excess interstitial fluids. Usually in arms and legs. Swelling and tightness. Won’ t be able to see bony prominences. Can’ t flex well. Can’ t see wrinkles. Can be associated with inflammation, poor circulation. Stagnant fluid needs to be pulled into lymphatic capillaries. To be processed by the lymph system. Diuretics also used to remove fluid.

 Usually a sign of another problem

  • Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)
  • Kidney failure
  • Congested liver or cirrhosis
  • Local infection
  • Blockage –  thrombus
  • Loss of lymph nodes, radiation or surgery

Circulatory massage is mostly contraindicated. Especially in systemic edema and pitting edema. Manual lymphatic drainage and energy work can be used but it requires a high skill set.

リンパ浮腫の原因と発症時期 がんの治療において、手術でリンパ節を取り除いたり放射線治療によってリンパの流れが停滞することで、生涯にわたり腕や脚がむくむことがあります。 このむくみリンパ浮腫といいます。 これは乳がん、子宮がん、卵巣がん、前立腺がん、皮膚がんなどの治療による後遺症の一つです。


 Leukemia 白血病

Cancer affecting white blood cells. Produces abnormal WBC at a fast rate and cells live longer. Cells build up and invade organs of the body. May be acute or chronic. Acute involves immature blast cells. Chronic usually involves mature cells. May affect red blood cell and platelet production. Resulting in anemia or reduced clotting ability. Can lead to brain hemorrhage or infections.

血液細胞には赤血球、血小板、白血球がありますが、これらの血液細胞が骨髄でつくられる過程で、がんになります。 がん化した細胞(白血病細胞)は、骨髄内で増殖し、骨髄を占拠してしまいます。 そのため、正常な血液細胞が減少し、貧血、免疫系のはたらきの低下、出血傾向、脾臓(血液を貯蔵しておく臓器)の肥大などの症状があらわれます。


 Lymphoma リンパ腫

Cancer of the lymph nodes. Almost always malignant

Two types

  • Hodgkin’ s Disease s Disease
  • Non Hodgkin’ s Disease

 Hodgkin’ s Disease ホジキンリンパ腫

Cancer with painless swelling of the lymph nodes. Mostly adults in their 20’ s or over 50 years old. Primarily lymph nodes of the neck and groin. Treated with radiation and chemotherapy. Highest cure rate of any form of cancer.

ホジキンリンパ腫(HL:Hodgkin lymphoma)とは、悪性リンパ腫の種類の1つです。 病理検査では白血球の中のリンパ球でHRS細胞(Hodgkin/Reed-Sternberg細胞)やLP細胞(lymphocyte predominant細胞)という腫瘍細胞がふえることが特徴です。


 Non-Hodgkin’ s Lymphoma 非ホジキンリンパ腫

Any cancer of the lymph nodes that is not Hodgkin’ s disease. Most common among adults 60-70 years old. Most often swelling of the neck, groin or axilla lymph nodes. But has diverse primary and secondary symptoms.



 Rigorous circulatory massage is contraindicated. Non-circulatory massage is more appropriate. Best to get medical clearance for massage.

 Infectious Mononucleosis 伝染性単核球症

Contagious viral infection. Often caused by the Epstein-Barr virus. Increases WBC number and change in structure. Most common among teenagers and young adults. Primarily transmitted by kissing.

 Signs and symptoms include: General fatigue, Fever, Sore throat, Enlarged cervical lymph nodes.

 Complications include, Ruptured spleen, Hepatitis, Meningitis. Primary treatment is bed rest for several weeks or months. Treatment is rest and wait for it to be over. Treating the symptoms during this period. Massage is contraindicated in the acute stages.



Blood Borne Pathogens

 AIDS/ HIV/ Hepatitis. Immune system is not working well. Virus infection. Takes over the lymphatic and immune systems. Falls under the category of blood borne pathogens. Can only get these conditions from blood transfer. Hepatitis is much more common than HIV. Massage with caution. Need to be careful if you and your client has a cut, there is a slim chance of transference. Most transference of HIV/AIDS is by needles & sexual activity. Blood transfusion is almost eliminated. Acquired (後天的)Immune Deficiency Syndrome, AIDS. Caused by dysfunction in the immune system.

Diseases of AIDS are caused by everyday viruses and bacteria.

In a weakened immune system state, these multiply freely. Human Immunodeficiency Virus is believed to cause AIDS. It’ s a virus that has to be transmitted intact in a host cell. Most dangerous substances that would transfer HIV are: Blood, semen, cervical and vaginal fluids. Possibly feces. Breast milk transference is minimal.

 HIV attacks everything. Immune system doesn’ t recognize your own body. Treatable with a lot of expensive medication. Costs $6-9,000 a month. Best approach is education.

 Massage is cautioned for AIDS patients. More for the client than the therapist, since the therapist can transfer pathogens that can put the client at risk. Massage for HIV-positive clients who areasymptomatic is very indicated. Can reduce stress, improve immune system and offer support and comfort.



 Hepatitis 肝炎

Inflammation of the liver. Symptoms include: Fever, Weakness, Nausea, Anorexia, Possibly jaundice(黄疸・おうだん).

 Most common is A,B,C. But there also D - G, K. There are vaccines for A and B. Massage therapists should get both before practicing.

 Hepatitis A

Transmitted through food. Feces gets into food or water. Temporary - not chronic. Once infected, immunity is developed.

 Hepatitis B

Transmitted through body fluid/blood transfer. Some people may not know they have it. 100X more contagious than HIV. Lifetime disease. Vaccine is a series of three.

 Hepatitis C

Transmitted through blood transfer. Usually through needles, IV drug users. Can survive 2 weeks on a dry surface. Chronic disease. Can be cured over a long treatment time. 3 years to total recovery. Utilizes very expensive toxic medication. Pegasus treatment is $20,000 for 1 and half years. 98% of Hawaii’s intravenous drug users have it.

 Hepatitis D

Only affects those with Hepatitis B. Most severe. No vaccine.

Hepatitis E

Transmitted through feces. Very self limiting. Usually occurs after natural disasters.

 Treatment is rest. High protein diet. Massage is contraindicated in the acute stages. Chronic client in remission can benefit from massage.



飲んで予防するHIV感染対策のお薬 噂には聞いていたPrEP。カナダにいた頃からちらほら聞いていたけど、まだ整備されていなくて十分な情報もなく、そんな薬があるんだか、ないんだか、半分くらいその存在を疑 ...


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